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fast five with YOGI ACTIVE

I'm so in love with Simone and her brand new biz Yogi Active. And extremely grateful for her. Want to know why? Of course you do. Keep reading then!

I came across Yogi Active a couple of months ago on Instagram, before it had launched and just loved what was being shared. I soon started chatting to Simone regularly via Insta. When pics of the products starting appearing, I made comment that whilst I love love loved the bike shorts, I was way too nervous to ever wear them. Simone came back with "I've got you" and next thing I was wearing bike shorts with total confidence. And sharing them with the world (aka my Life, Loves & Liz community)! When someone can instill that confidence within a virtual stranger with 3 simple words, you know you've found someone and something pretty spesh.

I am proud to say, I am a Yogi Active addict. In fact I just bought myself the jumper and longline sports crop! Cannot wait to wear them.

Also worth noting, if you like twinning with your tween/teen, or just want to get them into some gorgeous active wear, the sizing starts at XXS which is equivalent to a 10/12 girls, I'm going to put Ella in them. As for me, I have M bike shorts and L tee/crop/jumper which all fit perfectly, I'm a 12/14 for reference.

I asked Simone five fast questions so you could get to know her a little bit and get behind Yogi Active. I mean, what a time to launch a biz hey?!

1. Tea or coffee & how do you take it?

English breakfast Tea with a dash of skim milk when I wake.

Latte with Almond Milk after a workout.

2. Tipple of choice? Fave brand?

Cloudy Bay Sauv Blanc!

3. Fave piece from the collection?

Longline Sports Crop and the Neoprene Waistbag which I cant live without!

4. One word to describe 2020?

Apart from launching YOGi…, SH*#T

5. What feeling do you want Yogi Active to evoke in the wearer?


I want to inspire women & teens to get healthy and get moving

My fave four pieces:

Hope you enjoyed this fast five ep. Have a wonderful Sunday and make sure you check out Yogi Active xxxx


Ps. before I finish up, one last thing...I am FUSSY when it comes to leggings/shorts to run in. Before these bike shorts, I would only comfortably run in ONE pair of leggings. These bike shorts are even better than them. They are THE most comfortable bottoms I've ever run in and if they're not back from wash on run days, I legitimately sulk and have a shite run because I'm not wearing them! Safe to say, I'll be ordering another pair!!!

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